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  Jay Greenspan, MD

Professor of Pediatrics
Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Greenspan is a pediatrician, neonatologist, and active clinician in the intensive care nursery who runs a large pediatric department in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania...Read More >>
  Paul Rosen, MD

Pediatric Rheumatologist
Clinical Director of Service & Operational Excellence

Associate Professor of Pediatrics Named ‘One of the First 100 Innovators’ by the U.S Federal Government Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Dr. Rosen’s interests include patient physician communication, family-centered care, team building across health disciplines, and the patient experience...Read More >>

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Worrisome Warts
It’s an old wives’ tale that kissing frogs causes warts, but how do kids really catch these bumpy skin growths?
Bacterial Vs. Viral Infections
It’s never fun to have an infection, but knowing the difference between the two can be the best way to get better.
Gearing Up Your Young Athlete
Dr. Kathleen O’Brian answers questions from our panel of mothers on the risks and benefits of sports for children and what you can do to keep your young athlete safe and in the game.
Why MyPlate Replaced the Food Pyramid
Registered Dietician Jackie Costantino takes us through the Food Pyramid’s changes and guides us on how we can create a healthier eating style for our children one plate at a time.
Does Your Child Need Vitamin Supplements?
Registered dietitian Jackie Costantino offers nutritional advice and talks about the benefits and potential downsides of vitamins and nutritional supplements in children’s diets.
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